NM Marble & Granite

Nanak Marble and Granite is one of India’s leading Manufacturer and Exporter of Marble and Granite with majority of its presence in Rajasthan and New Delhi. The company offers a comprehensive range of marble and granite with fine finishes and exclusive designs to meet our client’s needs.

Rajasthan Black Granite

Black Granite or Indian black granite, as it is popularly known, is an extremely popular natural stone in the construction industry. Naturally beautiful and elegant, it is known for its durability and unmatched strength.

People often add the black granite stone to their home and interiors. This not only makes them look good, but also helps them stand out from the crowd.

The stone has a slight white and black pattern that lends an air of luxury to it.

Black granite kitchen countertops are growing in popularity and give your kitchen a modern and stylish look.

Black granite is water and heat-resistant, while also being easy to maintain. What’s more, you can easily clean it using just soap and water.

The following variants are currently offered to customers:

  • Absolute Black Granite: Solid black in color, this natural Indian stone is known for its color and texture. It finds extensive usage in interior design, and is used to create gorgeous-looking Black granite countertops, outdoor cladding and floors.
  • Black Galaxy Granite: Another in-demand option, Black Galaxy granite is known for its thickness. Accompanied by its stain-free nature, it is also easy to clean.
  • Black Brown Granite: Also known as ‘Antique Brown granite’, this stone is characterised by soothing, earthly tones. It is suitable for backsplashes, countertops and vanity tops.

At NM Marbles, we craft the finest quality stones using our extensive experience and modern, best-in-class machinery.

With high-quality mining processes, we are dedicated towards offering the finest marbles tailored to client needs.

Q1. Is black granite good?

Known for its supreme quality and shine, absolute black granite is ideal for countertops, floors and outdoor cladding.

Q2. Are black granite countertops in style?

Black granite countertops are highly popular among consumers. Such countertops prevent stains, and offer an elegant, premium-quality texture.

Q3. How much do black granite countertops cost?

Black granite countertops are priced between ₹90/sq.ft. and ₹100/sq. ft.

Q4. How do you clean black granite countertops?

One must avoid using chemical-based products to clean black granite countertops. You can simply use soap and water to clean the stains.

Q5. Can we use black granite on the floor?

Using black granite on floors would add a tinge of depth and intensity to your design.


Bagjana, Chitamba, Rajasthan

Base Color:


Block Price Range:

₹2600 - ₹5700 per tonne


As Per Requirement

Slab Price Range:

₹68 - ₹120 per Sq Ft

Slab Thickness:

17 mm & 2 cm & 3 cm


Unlimited Availability


Plain Premium Black, Blue Dots, Whites Lines and Black Lines