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Nanak Marble and Granite is one of India’s leading Manufacturer and Exporter of Marble and Granite with majority of its presence in Rajasthan and New Delhi. The company offers a comprehensive range of marble and granite with fine finishes and exclusive designs to meet our client’s needs.

Bruno White Marble

Extracted from quarries in Rajasthan and processed at marble factories, the Bruno White Marble is a unique stone. It comes with a heavy gray veining on the surface, and is considered to be extremely popular. 

Bruno White Marble has a rather unique shine, which makes it a great all-purpose choice. It also has a greyish brown wavy design that is delicately crafted to perfection. 

Presence of the creamy textures on the marble further adds a tinge of grandeur.

Used for both commercial and residential purposes, it finds extensive usage in the form of white marble flooring, white marble countertops, fireplaces and wall cladding among others.

Bruno white marbles have high demand in markets such as the Bahamas, Costa Rica, Canada, Mexico and Guatemala among others. 

Nanak Marble and Granite is a leading manufacturer and exporter of Bruno White Marble in India. Extracted from our quarry in Rajasthan and processed at our marble factories in Udaipur, Banswara and Nathdwara, this marbleis the hallmark of quality and craftsmanship.

With over 30 years of experience, our precise selection and fully in-house set up allows us to provide only the best quality products to customers. 

Nanak Marble and Granite is your go-to destination for sourcing premium quality Bruno White Marble in India.

Q1. How much do white marble countertops cost?

Nanak Marble and Granite believes in offering the best prices for white marble countertops in India. 

They’re currently available in the range of $1 to $5 per square feet.

Q2. Is white marble expensive?

White marble usually contains calcites, which makes it costlier than dolomite marbles. Moreover, white marble quarries are limited in number, which makes it slightly expensive.

Q3. Do white marble countertops stain? Additionally, how can you clean them?

Marble is comparatively more porous than other materials, making white marble countertops susceptible to stains and etches. 

You can use a sealant spray to clean those stains away.

Q4. Is white marble good for kitchen countertops?

Yes, you can have white marble countertops in your kitchen. However, one needs to keep an eye on problems like staining etc.

Q5. How much is white marble flooring?

White marble flooring is currently priced in the range of $4 to $40 per square foot.

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Aspur, Rajasthan

Base Color:


Block Price Range:

₹8000 - ₹10000 per tonne


As Per Requirement

Slab Price Range:

₹58 - ₹110 per Sq Ft

Slab Thickness:

15 mm & 2 cm & 3 cm


Unlimited Availability


Light or Dark Black Cross Lines and Patterns