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Nanak Marble and Granite is one of India’s leading Manufacturer and Exporter of Marble and Granite with majority of its presence in Rajasthan and New Delhi. The company offers a comprehensive range of marble and granite with fine finishes and exclusive designs to meet our client’s needs.

Marble Exporter India

Marble Exporter India

Marble Exporter India

India's premier marble exporter is synonymous with unrivaled quality and exquisite craftsmanship. Renowned for sourcing and exporting a diverse range of luxurious marble, they epitomize precision and elegance. With a rich legacy of delivering timeless beauty, N.M. Marbles stands as a global beacon of India's marble artistry, blending tradition and modernity seamlessly.



Extracted from quarries in Rajasthan and processed at marble factories, the Bruno White Marble is a unique stone. It comes with a heavy gray veining on the surface, and is considered to be extremely popular.

Bruno White Marble has a rather unique shine, which makes it a great all-purpose choice. It also has a greyish brown wavy design that is delicately crafted to perfection.

Presence of the creamy textures on the marble further adds a tinge of grandeur.

Used for both commercial and residential purposes, it finds extensive usage in the form of white marble flooring, white marble countertops, fireplaces and wall cladding among others.

Bruno white marbles have high demand in markets such as the Bahamas, Costa Rica, Canada, Mexico and Guatemala among others.

Nanak Marble and Granite is a leading manufacturer and exporter of Bruno White Marble in India. Extracted from our quarry in Rajasthan and processed at our marble factories in Udaipur, Banswara and Nathdwara, this marbleis the hallmark of quality and craftsmanship.

With over 30 years of experience, our precise selection and fully in-house set up allows us to provide only the best quality products to customers.

Nanak Marble and Granite is your go-to destination for sourcing premium quality Bruno White Marble in India.

Nanak Marble and Granite believes in offering the best prices for white marble countertops in India.

They’re currently available in the range of $1 to $5 per square feet.

White marble usually contains calcites, which makes it costlier than dolomite marbles. Moreover, white marble quarries are limited in number, which makes it slightly expensive.

Marble is comparatively more porous than other materials, making white marble countertops susceptible to stains and etches. 

You can use a sealant spray to clean those stains away.

Yes, you can have white marble countertops in your kitchen. However, one needs to keep an eye on problems like staining etc.

White marble flooring is currently priced in the range of $4 to $40 per square foot.


LOCATION: Aspur, Rajasthan


PRICE RANGE: ₹8000 – ₹10000 per tonne

SIZE: As Per Requirement SLAB PRICE

RANGE: ₹58 – ₹110 per Sq Ft

SLAB THICKNESS: 15 mm & 2 cm & 3 cm STOCK: Unlimited

Availability VARIANTS: Light or Dark Black Cross Lines and Patterns


Black Granite or Indian black granite, as it is popularly known, is an extremely popular natural stone in the construction industry. Naturally beautiful and elegant, it is known for its durability and unmatched strength.

People often add the black granite stone to their home and interiors. This not only makes them look good, but also helps them stand out from the crowd.

The stone has a slight white and black pattern that lends an air of luxury to it.

Black granite kitchen countertops are growing in popularity and give your kitchen a modern and stylish look.

Black granite is water and heat-resistant, while also being easy to maintain. What’s more, you can easily clean it using just soap and water.

The following variants are currently offered to customers:

  • Absolute Black Granite: Solid black in color, this natural Indian stone is known for its color and texture. It finds extensive usage in interior design, and is used to create gorgeous-looking Black granite countertops, outdoor cladding and floors.
  • Black Galaxy Granite: Another in-demand option, Black Galaxy granite is known for its thickness. Accompanied by its stain-free nature, it is also easy to clean.
  • Black Brown Granite: Also known as ‘Antique Brown granite’, this stone is characterised by soothing, earthly tones. It is suitable for backsplashes, countertops and vanity tops.

    At NM Marbles, we craft the finest quality stones using our extensive experience and modern, best-in-class machinery.

With high-quality mining processes, we are dedicated towards offering the finest marbles tailored to client needs.

Known for its supreme quality and shine, absolute black granite is ideal for countertops, floors and outdoor cladding.

Black granite countertops are highly popular among consumers. Such countertops prevent stains, and offer an elegant, premium-quality texture.

Marble is comparatively more porous than other materials, making white marble countertops susceptible to stains and etches. 

You can use a sealant spray to clean those stains away.

One must avoid using chemical-based products to clean black granite countertops. You can simply use soap and water to clean the stains.

Using black granite on floors would add a tinge of depth and intensity to your design.

CATEGORY: Granite LOCATION: Bagjana, Chitamba, Rajasthan


PRICE RANGE: ₹2600 – ₹5700 per tonne

SIZE: As Per Requirement SLAB

PRICE RANGE: ₹68 – ₹120 per Sq Ft SLAB

THICKNESS: 17 mm & 2 cm & 3 cm

STOCK: Unlimited Availability

VARIANTS: Plain Premium Black, Blue Dots, Whites Lines and Black Lines



LOCATION: Gulabpura, Near Asind


PRICE RANGE: ₹1500 – ₹2700 per tonne

SIZE: As Per Requirement SLAB

PRICE RANGE: ₹58 – ₹75 per Sq Ft

SLAB THICKNESS: 17 mm & 2 cm & 3 cm

STOCK: Unlimited Availability

VARIANTS: Black, Brown and Red coloured


Black Star Granite is a popular Black Granite variant found in the northern parts of India, especially Rajasthan. It is also sometimes referred to as ‘Ash black’, ‘Black Beauty’ & ‘R Black’ among others.

The stone finds extensive usage in the construction of interior or exterior walls and floor applications among others. Interestingly, it is also considered ideal for making Black Star Granite countertops.

Alongside a stunning black outer layer, the Black Star granite also has an extremely smooth texture. It is made up of crystalline white minerals and the black color, lending a sense of luxury to your interiors.

The Black Star Galaxy granite is known for its strength, and it can be used for both commercial and domestic purposes.

What this also implies is that these slabs gel extremely well with various different shades and styles.

Being reasonably priced, it never goes outside of your budget and can be purchased through the NM Marbles website easily.

Black Star granite tiles and countertops are easy to clean too. To clean the surface, use a damp cloth or sponge, mixing it with soap or detergent.

Rinse well using warm water and wipe using a dry cloth. You can also use a mild household cleaner with baking soda to clear off coffee and tea stains.

At NM Marbles, we bring our 30 years of experience in black star granite design to offer some of the best products in the market.

We focus on delivering quality with our best-in-class mining technology.

If you’re looking for customized black star granite marbles and other products, reach out to us by filling the contact form with your requirements.

Black star granite adds a sense of grandeur and luxury to your kitchen countertops and walls. It has a striking black color with a smooth finish on the surface. The stone also contains crystalline white minerals. Naturally strong, black star granite is ideal for a variety of purposes.
Black Star granite is available in the range of ₹65 and ₹85 per square feet.  You can check with the representatives at NM Marbles to get a customized quote.
Black Star Granite is usually quarried in the northern parts of India, especially Rajasthan. Additionally, the stone is also sourced from China sometimes.
Yes, black star granite is the perfect stone for your kitchen, bathrooms and wall cladding among others.
Yes, you can easily use Black Star granite for the bathroom.


LOCATION: Gulabpura, Near Asind


PRICE RANGE: ₹2400 – ₹4000 per tonne

SIZE: As Per Requirement SLAB

PRICE RANGE: ₹64 – ₹87 per Sq Ft

SLAB THICKNESS: 17 mm & 2 cm & 3 cm STOCK: Unlimited Availability

VARIANTS: Black and White Lines



The Bruno White Marble Quarry stands as a testament to nature’s timeless artistry. Nestled in a picturesque landscape, this quarry is an exclusive source of opulent marble, celebrated for its pristine white tones and intricate veining. Meticulously extracted, each slab reflects the quarry’s commitment to excellence. Bruno White Marble, sourced from this haven of natural beauty, adorns architectural wonders globally. Its purity and distinctive patterns make it a coveted choice for luxurious interiors. With a legacy rooted in craftsmanship and sustainability, the Bruno White Marble Quarry epitomizes the harmonious intersection of nature’s grandeur and human ingenuity.


R Galaxy Black Granite captivates with its deep, cosmic allure and sophisticated elegance. Quarried with precision, the stone showcases a rich, velvety black canvas adorned with mesmerizing specks of silver and gray, reminiscent of a star-studded galaxy. This granite, sourced from premium quarries, is renowned for its durability and luxurious aesthetic. Its seamless integration in architectural and design projects elevates spaces to new heights of opulence. Whether gracing kitchen countertops, flooring, or accent walls, R Galaxy Black Granite embodies timeless sophistication, making a bold statement that transcends trends and stands as a testament to the beauty found in the depths of the earth.


Rajasthan Black Granite, a symbol of enduring elegance, hails from the arid landscapes of India’s Rajasthan. Quarried with meticulous craftsmanship, this granite boasts a deep, inky black hue, interspersed with subtle patterns that evoke a sense of sophistication and mystery. The stone’s remarkable durability and polished finish make it a coveted choice for a spectrum of applications, from kitchen countertops to grand architectural projects. Rajasthan Black Granite, a product of nature’s geological artistry, not only exudes timeless charm but also adds a touch of regality to any space, showcasing the state’s legacy of producing exquisite and enduring natural stones.


Gulabpura Natural Granite, sourced from the heart of Rajasthan, India, is a captivating testament to nature’s geological splendor. Characterized by a warm palette of earthy tones, ranging from creamy beige to rich browns, this granite exudes a natural elegance. Quarried with precision in the town of Gulabpura, it showcases a harmonious blend of colors and intricate patterns that add a touch of warmth and sophistication to any space. Renowned for its durability and versatility, Gulabpura Natural Granite is a timeless choice for a myriad of applications, from kitchen surfaces to architectural masterpieces, embodying the region’s legacy of producing exquisite natural stones.

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I would like to express my sincere thanks to the team of NM Marble for their cooperation and extended support. They have always shown great committment and work ethics in dealing with us. Looking forward to continuing the amazing work!

Kunal Shah


In my 4 years of experience with NM, I can proudly say that this is a team of professionals, who know what they are doing. Their recommendations and suggestions have always been brilliant. The quality of stone, polish, sizes, etc are spot on. Our business relation with NM is built on trust and we hope that our companies will grow together.

Mr Pawan Gupta

BSL Industries

In my personal experience, NM is revolutionizing the mining industry with the latest technological advancements. I’ve been connected with them for over 7 years for multiple projects and their service
and hospitality have always been amazing. Looking forward to be associated for even longer term.

Chandresh Gupta

Imperial Designs

NM has been our “Go-To” supplier for more than 6 years. They help us in selecting the most suitable products for my projects and there suggestions have always been amazing.

Sameer Singh

Divine Developers